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The REAP Veterans Program Is a Christ-Centered Veteran Program. Our Programs focus is on veterans. We are losing 20 veterans and one active duty person every day to suicide. This program will give them a reason to live and not die. (See Psalm 118:17). We find our hope in Jesus!


Our mission is to introduce the Gospel, bring them to Jesus, and help them transform their lives for the Kingdom. We do this through Journey Back (Trips to Vietnam for healing). Missions Trips, Warrior Programs at the Texas Ranch, and our Military School of Discipleship.


Fellow veterans, as a proud US Army Vietnam Vet I served "in-country" for two years from July 1967 - July 1969.  Additionally, thirty years later as a civilian communications contractor, I spent a very difficult time over there in 1997 through 1998. As a soldier in Vietnam during the 1968 Tet Offensive, fighting for my survival, I believe my life was spared for a reason; to now serve my fellow veterans. The battle is not yet over. Too many of our brothers and sisters are still hurting and dying. They need our help. Will you please join us in the battle for their lives? - Michael Snook


In October 2018, recording began in the Roever Studio for the Veterans Video program. Each segment will consist of a fifteen-minute interview by the program’s host US Army veteran Stan Corvin and co-host US Army Green Beret veteran, John Arroyo.  Military veterans will share their stories about an event in their life which profoundly affected them.


The Journey Back program allows the veterans to revisit the country they served in such a long time ago. We take the veterans back to where they were injured so they can heal. Younger veterans join us and experience the reality of a war that occurred before their time of service.


This is a Dave Roever and REAP International program for the veteran. Come and join Dave Roever and REAP International for a Vietnam tour /missions trip. Embark on a journey with a new mission. 


The Journey Forward program allows the veteran to continue to heal! They continue forward with the closure process that began years ago. This is a Dave Roever and REAP International program for the veteran, spouse, and the family. It promises to be an outstanding and memorable experience.

This is a time of fellowship and sharing memories of God’s deliverance from evil, which so many have experienced. Come praying for and believing for a spiritual renewal for yourself and those to whom we minister.


This school exists to provide spiritual discipleship and training for ministry for military personnel, their families, and veterans. We connect with churches and pastors to reach the veterans and share the Bible which will
heal them.

The Military School of Discipleship offers two programs of study – Christian Life and Christian Service. The Christian Life Program provides discipleship training and orientation to new believers. The Christian Service Program provides ministry training for those who are called to perform the task of building up the body of Christ.


The All Veterans program is a Dave Roever and REAP International program for wounded warriors, chaplains, line officers, and leaders. The program is held at Eagles Summit Ranch in Texas.


The program is facilitated by Dave Roever, whose work with veterans was born out of the tragedy of his own experiences. You will leave fulfilled, hopeful, and proud to be one of the veterans who make America the greatest nation in the world.
The goal of the program is to reconnect the Veterans to Faith, Family and Friends by providing unique seminars on Family Relations, Substance
Abuse, PTSD, etc. conducted by fellow veterans who have overcome great difficulties through the power of FAITH.




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Michael Snook was born in Minnesota. He graduated from high school, joined the U.S. Army and went to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri for basic training. He took advanced training at Fort Huachuca, Arizona and Fort Gordon, Georgia. After training he deployed to Vietnam in July 1967, where he spent the next two years. He studied the Vietnamese language on his own before joining the Army. His language skills became proficient while in country, and he had many opportunities to use his linguistic skills after the TET offensive in January 1968.


There are more than 20 million living veterans throughout the United States, from our Greatest Generation to our recent heroes coming home from Afghanistan and Iraq.

And yet, there is no single monument or museum dedicated to the Veteran’s experience. There are institutions that focus on specific conflicts or branches of service, but there hasn’t been a place for us all to join together to celebrate and honor the sacrifice of all of our veterans, past and present… until now.


The National Veterans Memorial and Museum, officially designated by the Federal Government, opened on Saturday, October 27, 2018.


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