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Hmong Discipleship Books
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Our ministry reach is continuously expanding worldwide, and so are the needs of the people we minister to. We strive to provide our discipleship program to the masses and also get our team to

big cities and remote villages. What moves your heart the most? Ask the Lord to give to you clarity and choose one of the options below to help us in our worldwide efforts. Thank you!



While we all can’t get on a plane and go minister to people at a moment’s notice we can help others do so. If you donate here you will be helping us to do so. There is a constant need to go where God has sent us. 

Guess what? It doesn't always take a large seed to make a difference.


With your help, and starter gift over time can become instrumental in blossoming into a result of exponential proportions. So often, the investment of one individual has turned into a raging wind or fire for this ministry. Thanks in advance for your faith.


There are various charitable gift options available to you.  Please Contact Us if you wish to speak to someone regarding this matter.


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