Global / REAP International

What's the ministry focus of REAP International?

Our mission statement describes it best. REAP International exists to make disciple-makers in every nation, teaching them to beworshipers in Spirit and in Truth by (1) launching an online discipleship school in everylanguage possible; (2) by establishing college level cohorts in every nation possible; and (3) by maintaining communications through at least four levels of disciples.

What curriculum do you offer?

The Global/REAP School for Discipleship offers two programs of study. Christian Life helps new converts become oriented in the Christian ways of life. Christian Service develops well-trained workers who are able to perform the task of building up the body of Christ. The course curriculum is available online.

How do you enroll in online discipleship classes?

You can enroll online for the Global REAP School of Discipleship here. Please send us an email with your name, phone, and email address if you need additional information on the Global/REAP School of Discipleship.

Do you have mission trips?

We have annual mission trips. If you would like to receive information on the next REAP International next missions trip, click here to provide your name, phone, and email address.

How can I receive the newsletter?

Click here to submit a newsletter request.

Dave Roever Ministries

How do I inquire about scheduling Dave Roever and other organization speakers?

Contact the scheduling director via, by completing the form here, or by calling 817-238-2000.

In what settings does Dave Roever speak?

Dave Roever speaks in churches; national and state-wide conventions for all adults, men, women, youth, service organizations, and businesses; public high schools; at military installations around the globe; and in other meaningful venues across the USA and the world. He is a guest on various media platforms

When will Dave Roever speak in my area?

View Dave's current schedule here. Be sure to check back frequently, and confirm with the host of an event, as the schedule can change at any time.

Where do I find books, videos, and other items from Dave Roever?

Visit Dave's Online Store to find books, messages, and a wide assortment of products.

How do I keep up with the latest developments from Dave Roever?

Sign up here for his weekly inspirational and news e-mail here, and follow him on social media: Facebook and Twitter,